The prediction of the source term of actinides, fission and activation products is of major importance in numerous nuclear fields. An experimental programme of radiochemistry (called ARIANE) was carried out on MOX and UO2 fuels irradiated in PWR and BWR conditions, reaching burnups of 35 up to 55 GWd/tM. Besides the providing of a large set of experimental data on the irradiated fuel inventory, a second objective of the programme was to confer on these experimental results reliable and minimised uncertainties.

About 50 isotopes of actinides and fission products were selected. Their contents were measured using techniques as TIMS, ICP-MS, alpha, beta and gamma spectrometry. The measurement results were crosschecked by three highly qualified laboratories and recommended values were provided after extended analysis and confrontation of the results. For most of the measured isotopes, the target uncertainties were reached and even reduced, providing a unique database for irradiated fuel characterisation and for code qualification.

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