The ITREC plant (Treatment and Remaking Fuel Elements Plant), near the Trisaia locality, was built in the frame of a collaboration between CNEN (Nuclear Energy National Committee) and USAEC (United States Atomic Energy Commission) to study the feasibility of U-Th fuel cycle. Some reprocessing campaigns have been carried out since 1975, mainly using fuel elements coming from the Elk River Power plant (USA).

The about 2,40 cubic meter of high level liquid wastes arising from these nuclear tests was stored in the plant site.

A chemical process based on the cementation of liquid wastes by addition to dry cement in a drum was studied and applied in order to immobilize them in an encapsulated and shielded solid form. It was performed in the SIRTE-MOWA plant (Unit System to prepare, to trasfer and to treat radioactive liquid waste in Mobile Waste). The above mentioned 2,40 cubic meter of high level liquid waste, batch by batch, has been mixed with low level liquid waste to get the desired standard concentration of Cs-137 (7,50 E−02 Ci/l (2,77 Gbq/l). The production is constituted from a number of 213 product cemented with radioactive liquid of about 15 Ci (555 Gbq) for every product.

The final product is ready to be stored in the future National Storage Site.

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