Nowadays at Moscow SIA “RADON” the method of combined conditioning of solid radioactive wastes (SRW) and liquid radioactive wastes (LRW) is being developed. SRW represent radioactive silts of natural and artificial reservoirs. LRW represent water salt solutions of low and intermediate activity level. The developed method consists of mixing SRW with LRW and dry-weighed additives. From the mixture an alkaline or belite binding material is formed. The synthesized binding material can be used in process for hardening of other SRW and/or LRW. In this work it is shown that the developed method allows obtaining an accelerated hardening product, which has high strength characteristics and good water resistance. Its quality of does not concede to quality of a product received with use of a traditional binding material — portland cement. It is also shown that using this method it is possible to achieve a reduction in volume of the final product in comparison with the initial volume of SRW and LRW of 4–10. All secondary wastes formed during processing can be conditioned within the framework of the given technology.

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