Experimental data on extraction of actinides and lanthanides, as well as molybdenum and iron by zirconium salt of dibutyl phosphoric acid (ZS HDBP) dissolved in 30% TBP have been obtained. The data show that ZS HDBP can be used for extraction of the long-lived radionuclides and some other elements from aqueous solutions in a large range of nitric acid concentration. A mathematical model for the element extraction has been elaborated. An experiment on extraction of Am, REE, Mo and Np from simulate solution containing 1.5 M nitric acid has been carried out in counter-current centrifugal contactors to demonstrate feasibility of recovering of these elements, with the use of ZS HDBP, from high-level raffinate of NPP spent fuel reprocessing. In 7 stages of contact, 99.99% of Am and REE, as well as 99.9% of Mo and all Np were extracted. Then two successive Strippings were carried out to obtain Am&REE and Mo products. ZS HDBP was removed together with Np from recycled solvent by sodium carbonate. The resulting carbonate solution was evaporated until dry to calcine ZS HDBP and form zirconium-phosphate matrix.

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