Nowadays the world community attention focuses on soil contamination by nuclides from global fallout after nuclear weapons tests and nuclear fuel cycle accidents, or by man-made activities-induced heavy metals and other pollutants migrating in the environment.

Results of an investigation into a protective polymeric layer applied on topsoil are reported (since the Chernobyl accident liquidation). The assessment has been made of the effect of interpolyelectrolyte complexes (IPEC) on physical-chemical properties of soils; process procedures; the effect of climatic factors on the soil-polymer complex; the effect of amount and components of IPECs on the microbial community and on germination of grasses of various botanical groups.

In the final analysis it may be stated that IPEC is an effective structure-former capable of stabilizing to advantage radionuclide-contaminated erodible topsoils.

Combination of IPECs and mixed grass crop provides a high effective peculiar technology for soil remediation. This technology was tested successfully in field experiment performed over the last two years.

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