Selective separation and recovery of radioactive nuclides (Cs, Pd and Am) from radioactive liquid wastes are of importance in relation to the partitioning and their utilization. The granular composites of AMP (ammonium molybdophosphate) immobilized with calcium alginate exhibited a high selectivity towards Cs, and the mutual separation of Cs/Rb was performed through the column. The extractants (Cyanex 301, Cyanex 302) were encapsulated in polymer gels of alginates (CaALG, BaALG) and alginic acid (HALG). The microcapsule of Cyanex 302-CaALG had a relatively large separation factor of Pd/Ru and Pd/Rh, and Pd ions were effectively separated from Ru and Rh. The Cyanex 301-HALG microcapsule with a high affinity for Am was effective for the chromatographic separation of Am/Eu.

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