The AVK (Waste Flow Tracking and Quality Assurance System) represents a computer-aided system of the German nuclear power plants for the documentation of radioactive waste with negligible heat generation. AVK keeps track of the waste throughout all steps from their first registration up to final disposal. It is not only used by the waste producers (NPP) itself, but also by the waste conditioner GNS and the external interim waste storage facilities. They are all linked to the AVK-network with a tight organizational structure including a central quality control office and an active user support. The AVK developed under the DOS operating system has been under operation since 1991. Due to the fast development of computer hard and software in the past 10 years the PC-program AVK has undergone an extensive modernization resulting in the new program version AVK 3.0 for Windows.

This paper describes the basic principles of the AVK, introduces the modernization project and the new data processing program AVK 3.0, and explains the process of converting networked AVK operation to the new program, which will probably be completed by the end of the year 2001.

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