The scope of the CARE project (Common Approach for REstoration of contaminated sites, (1)) is to develop a basis for a common approach to restoring areas affected by lasting radiation exposure from natural radionuclides. The sites considered are areas contaminated as a result of past practices or work activities. These include activities which may not have been classified as ‘of radiological concern’ or subject to site licensing for disposal of radioactive materials based on contemporary criteria.

Enhanced levels of naturally occurring radionuclides (NORs) may be associated with abandoned waste dumps, installations and surroundings from certain industries, involved in the extraction or processing of raw materials containing NORs. This study provides a basis for conceptualising and quantifying the extent of the radiation problem caused by residues from past activities of NOR-extraction and processing industries at a European scale, and also provides a basis for the relevant national and European authorities to set directives and regulations for the protection of the general public to radiation exposure of this origin.

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