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Proceedings Papers

Proceedings Volume Cover
ASME 2011 14th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management
September 25–29, 2011
Reims, France
Conference Sponsors:
  • Nuclear Engineering Division and Environmental Engineering Division
In This Volume
ASME 2011 14th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management, Parts A and B

Advanced L/ILW Conditioning Technologies

Advanced L/ILW Technologies

Applying Strategic Planning, Decision-Making and Risk Reduction Methodologies in EM

Contribution and Complementarities of Interim Storage, Geological Disposal, Partitioning and Transmutation Reversibility Regarding Global Optimization of Radwaste Management

D&D Management Approaches and Planning Tools

D&D of Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities

D&D of Power Reactors and Research Reactors

D&D Radiological Characterization and Monitoring

D&D Technologies

Disposal Site and Waste Form Characterization and Performance Assessment - Part 1 of 2

Disposal Site and Waste Form Characterization and Performance Assessment - Part 2 of 2

Economic Analyses, Monitoring Strategies and Project Management in Environmental Management

Environmental Remediation Posters

ER Site Characterization and Monitoring

Experiences in ER Clean-Up Methods and Actions

Facility Decontamination and Decommissioning

Global Partnership in Environmental Management

Global Partnerships and National Initiatives in Environmental Management

HLW, Fissile, TRU and Spent Fuel Short and Long-Term Storage Issues

L/ILW Treatment Technology Development and Implementation

L/ILW Waste Characterization, Assay, and Tracking Systems

Liquid Waste Treatment Process and Experience

Low/Intermediate Level Waste Management

National and International D&D Programs

ICEM 2011; 1005-1009doi:

National and International ER Programs

ICEM 2011; 1011-1021doi:

National and International Programs for L/ILW Management

ICEM 2011; 1023-1029doi:
ICEM 2011; 1031-1036doi:
ICEM 2011; 1037-1041doi:
ICEM 2011; 1043-1052doi:

National and International Programs for Spent Fuel, Fissile, TRU, and HLW Management

ICEM 2011; 1053-1057doi:
ICEM 2011; 1059-1068doi:
ICEM 2011; 1069-1075doi:
ICEM 2011; 1077-1081doi:

Public Perception Issues and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies in Radioactive Environmental Management

ICEM 2011; 1083-1092doi:
ICEM 2011; 1093-1099doi:
ICEM 2011; 1101-1109doi:
ICEM 2011; 1111-1113doi:

Radium Remediation: Historical Perspectives and Current Circumstances

ICEM 2011; 1115-1126doi:
ICEM 2011; 1127-1134doi:
ICEM 2011; 1135-1138doi:
ICEM 2011; 1139-1143doi:

Recent Advances in Processing and Immobilization of HLW, Fissile Material and Transuranic (TRU)

ICEM 2011; 1145-1150doi:
ICEM 2011; 1151-1157doi:
ICEM 2011; 1159-1165doi:
ICEM 2011; 1167-1175doi:
ICEM 2011; 1177-1178doi:

Repository Programs: Site Selection and Characterization, Underground Research Labs, Engineering and Geological Barriers

ICEM 2011; 1179-1184doi:
ICEM 2011; 1185-1194doi:
ICEM 2011; 1195-1204doi:
ICEM 2011; 1205-1214doi:
ICEM 2011; 1215-1221doi:
ICEM 2011; 1223-1230doi:
ICEM 2011; 1231-1239doi:
ICEM 2011; 1241-1251doi:
ICEM 2011; 1253-1258doi:
ICEM 2011; 1259-1265doi:
ICEM 2011; 1267-1272doi:
ICEM 2011; 1273-1282doi:

Risk/Performance Assessments and Contaminant Migration

ICEM 2011; 1283-1290doi:
ICEM 2011; 1291-1300doi:
ICEM 2011; 1301-1306doi:
ICEM 2011; 1307-1312doi:

Safety and Security Related to Environmental and Nuclear Materials Management

ICEM 2011; 1313-1321doi:
ICEM 2011; 1323-1330doi:

Safety Considerations Associated With L/ILW Management

ICEM 2011; 1331-1340doi:
ICEM 2011; 1341-1350doi:
ICEM 2011; 1351-1360doi:
ICEM 2011; 1361-1370doi:
ICEM 2011; 1371-1380doi:

Siting, Design, Construction, and Operation of L/ILW Disposal Facilities

ICEM 2011; 1381-1387doi:
ICEM 2011; 1389-1393doi:
ICEM 2011; 1395-1401doi:
ICEM 2011; 1403-1412doi:
ICEM 2011; 1413-1420doi:
ICEM 2011; 1421-1427doi:
ICEM 2011; 1429-1435doi:

Spent Fuel, Fissile, Transuranic and High Level Waste Management

ICEM 2011; 1437-1442doi:
ICEM 2011; 1443-1450doi:
ICEM 2011; 1451-1460doi:
ICEM 2011; 1461-1465doi:
ICEM 2011; 1467-1476doi:
ICEM 2011; 1477-1481doi:
ICEM 2011; 1483-1491doi:

Uranium Mining and Milling Sites ER

ICEM 2011; 1493-1501doi:

Waste Minimization, Avoidance, and Recycling

ICEM 2011; 1503-1509doi:
ICEM 2011; 1511-1519doi:
ICEM 2011; 1521-1524doi:
ICEM 2011; 1525-1532doi:
ICEM 2011; 1533-1543doi:
ICEM 2011; 1545-1553doi:

Young Generation Network (YGN) and Professional Development Programs

ICEM 2011; 1555-1562doi: