In this experimental examination, an attempt was made to improve the performance and diminish the exhaust emissions by adding titanium oxide (TiO2) nanoparticles into J30D5H blend (5% by volume n-hexane, 30% by volume jojoba methyl ester, and 65% by volume diesel fuel) under various engine loads and a constant speed of 2000 rpm. The titanium oxide nanoparticles were added to J30D5H blend at two proportions, including 25 mg/l and 50 mg/l by using an ultrasonic technique. The addition of TiO2 into J30D5H led to a significant improvement in the engine performance, where the brake specific fuel consumption was reduced by 12%, while the brake thermal efficiency was increased by 15% compared to J30D5H blend. The combustion consequences for the J30D5H blend with nanoparticles addition exhibited that the peak pressure and maximum heat release rate were increased by approximately 4.5% and 2%, respectively. Moreover, the CO and UHC emissions were reduced by 20% and 50%, respectively. Nevertheless, the NOx emission was increased by about 15% with adding TiO2 into J30D5H blend.

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