The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of water injection into intake port on the performance of small CI engine. The ECFM-3Z model was applied for the combustion analysis model, and the amount of injected water were varied 10%, 20% and 30% of injected fuel mass. The results of this work were compared in terms of cylinder pressure, rate of heat release (ROHR), and the ISNO and soot emissions. It was found that the cylinder pressure was decreased from 1.2% to 9.2% when the amount of injected water was increased from 10% to 30%. In the results, NO emission significantly decreased from about 24% to about 85% when the amount of injected water increased due to the specific heat and latent heat of water. Considering the test results, the best conditions for the simultaneous reduction of NO and soot is the BTDC 05deg of injection timing and 30% of water injection mass. It can be expected the best IMEP and ISFC characteristics.

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