Advancements in natural gas extraction technology are driving down natural gas prices to much lower levels than diesel fuel. This situation could be advantageous to commercial vehicle operators if they are able to cost-effectively modify their fleets to replace a portion of their diesel fuel usage with natural gas. Dual-fuel retrofit kits are an attractive option since they can use existing vehicles and offer relatively low conversion cost as compared to engine replacement. These systems convert dedicated diesel engines to operate on dual-fuel with the addition of intake fumigated natural gas. Fumigated dual-fuel systems replace a significant portion of diesel fuel energy with natural gas (generally 50% or more by energy content), and produce lower operating costs than diesel-only operation. This research describes a methodology, which can be used to predict the return on investment for a dual fuel vehicle and specify the $/mile gain if the vehicle is fitted with dual fuel technology. As a case study, a generic class 8 vehicle is chosen to evaluate the benefit of dual fuel system integration considering overall return of investment.

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