The objective of this work is to design an original microfluidic mixer for continuous emulsification of small fractions of water in a lipid phase. This system is aimed to be integrated on-line in the process so as to avoid the use of a surfactant. The targeted application is a better combustion of alternative biofuels in boilers, turbines or internal combustion engines in general. The developed micro-system which includes impinging flows and elbows, is performed on the basis of a specific design of micro-channels, adapted to the respective flow rates and the characteristics of the fluids to be emulsified (viscosity, surface tension). The variation of different parameters is tested in this study such as the nature of the lipid phase (viscosity, density, surface tension and components), the length of micro-channels in the elbow and the flow rate of the dispersed phase. The dispersion of water is much more efficient with this microsystem using gasoil rather than vegetable oil as the continuous phase.

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