Off highway Tier 2-4 emissions requirements for high speed, high horsepower diesel engines (>750 h.p.) have driven substantial engine, after-treatment and fuel system design improvements. Modern high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems are being applied by engine manufacturers through use of increased injection pressure, precision injection timing, and multiple injection events to achieve emissions targets. In the field, careful attention to diesel fuel quality is now required by the end user to avoid problems with performance, reliability and durability of the fuel systems and after-treatment. Ultra-fine filtration and complete water separation are essential to maintain the fuel clean and dry. Internal Diesel Injector Deposit (IDID) formation due to degradation of the fuel and unintended consequences of additives must also be avoided. This is a voice of a fuel consumer and fuel system integrator to fuel suppliers and end customers on challenges encountered and countermeasures developed to achieve better fuel filtration, water separation, fuel cleanliness practices and end user education.

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