An experimental study of diesel-benzyl azides blend droplets vaporization characteristics was carried out to study the reasons of diesel-benzyl azides blend shortened combustion duration using suspended droplet device and a high-speed video camera. Experiments were performed at atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature range 480–933 K, and initial droplet diameter of 0.98, 1.42, 1.88 mm. The results show a shorten in diesel-benzyl azides blend droplet lifetime by 10% compared to diesel droplet at 1.42 mm initial droplet diameter and 933 K ambient temperature companion to puffing. The above results support the original idea of designing diesel-benzyl azides blend where the energy released by the decomposition of azides improves the vaporization and the release of nitrogen leads to the breakup of the droplet. In addition, it is observed that the blend lifetime decrease with increasing ambient temperature compared to diesel droplet lifetime. More nitrogen is released and the expansion of bubbles is more violent with increasing initial droplet diameter.

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