In recent years, the purification of sulfur oxides in shipping exhaust is becoming the focus of attention. It is especially important about how to accurately determine and control the various factors affecting desulfurization efficiency. This paper built a mathematical model, mainly focusing on action and mass transfer characteristic of gas-liquid absorption progress of natrium-alkali desulphurization system. It is based on gas-liquid complicated reactions of packed absorption tower, obtaining the influence of concentration distribution of various components in liquid phase, as well as partial pressure, pH value, mass transfer rate, absorption enhancement factor, liquid gas ratio and other key parameters on SO2 absorption rate. As shown in the models, the removal efficiency of 97.8% is equivalent to use a sulfur content of 3.5% fuel oil under the restrictions in emission control area. According to the calculation of 4.0 MW diesel engines, the minimum supply rate of absorption liquid is 75.8 L/h. These data have the reference significance for the development and evaluation of shipping flue gas desulfurization systems.

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