Many marine and stationary engines operate on fuels that contain corrosive elements, with the result that some highly-loaded combustion chamber components must be replaced frequently. MWH has pioneered the development of mineral-metal, multi-phase coatings to protect valves and other highly-loaded engine components against hot-gas corrosion. Mineral-metal, multi-phase coatings are a unique and innovative approach to improving hot-gas corrosion resistance in a cost-effective manner. In general, these coatings combine the beneficial chemical and thermal attributes of ceramic coatings with the mechanical properties and substrate adhesion characteristics of a metal. Extensive laboratory and field trials have proven that MWH CrystalCoat protects HFO engine exhaust valves against hot-gas corrosion. It is projected that the newest coating formulation (CrystalCoat HT) will protect 4-stroke HFO exhaust valves against hot-gas corrosion over their entire service life.

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