Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is able to significantly reduce the number of experimental tests and measurements and lower the development time and costs. However some parameters which are needed for CFD calculation must be achieved experimentally. In this paper, a comparative study was carried out to clarify the effect of three different combustion models on the prediction capability of combustion process and NOx emission on a modified 4-cylinder MPFI SI engine. Validation of the combustion model has been performed through comparing simulation data with the experimental results and a satisfactory agreement between them has been achieved in terms of combustion parameters and NOx emission. The results show that, applying appropriate constants of each combustion model including Eddy break up model (Ebu), Probability density function (Pdf) and Coherent flamelet model (Cfm) causes the computational results to be in agreement with experimental results. Furthermore the results show that the nearest prediction in comparison with experimental results is by applying the Ebu model.

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