An investigation was conducted on a 0.42 liter single cylinder diesel engine equipped with a common rail fuel injection system to evaluate the influence of the swirl motion on JP-8 fuel combustion. Engine tests were performed under steady state conditions of 5 bar IMEP and 1500 RPM. Two different swirl ratios of 1.44 and 7.12 were applied at injection pressures ranging from 400 to 1200 bar. The apparent rate of heat release (ARHR) curve is analyzed to determine the effect of swirl on combustible mixture formation, auto-ignition, premixed and diffusion controlled combustion fractions. An attempt is made to correlate between the swirl ratio and different combustion and emissions parameters at different injection pressures. The emissions included the gaseous fractions and particulates. Two types of particulate matter were measured: Accumulation mode particles (AMPs) and Nucleation mode particles (NMPs). The results indicate that ignition delay duration of JP-8 increases as the swirl ratio increases influencing the overall combustion process and engine out emissions.

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