For the clarification of the lubrication and thermal problems between ring and liner of internal combustion engines, an unsteady thermohydrodynamic lubrication model considering the ring temperature and the ring movement in the piston ring groove was developed. Then using the method of thermohydrodynamic lubrication, the effect of the profile of top ring sliding face on the oil film thickness and friction losses was analyzed. The ring is width of 3mm and thickness of 4.5mm. Profiles in sliding face of the ring used are two types. Ring 1 has a flat in the middle and a roundness in the corner, and Ring 2 has a barrel face. The ring temperature on the sliding surface shows the characteristic temperature distribution, and the temperature difference between ring lower face and middle of ring has about 19 °C. The oil film thickness changed in a cycle increases with increase of barrel height. The friction mean effective pressure FMEP decreases with the increase of barrel height both Ring 1 and Ring 2. FMEP of Ring 2 is more effective than that of Ring 1.

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