An advanced reciprocating internal combustion engine without a crankshaft and connecting rod mechanisms that the author would like to present is based on another law of physics. The invention titled ‘Nano-Magneto-Rheological Mechatronic Commutator Internal Combustion Engine’, that is concisely termed the Fijalkowski engine by someone, is based on a whole new propulsion engineering solution that has no analogies in the world. Thus, this paper focuses on an advanced reciprocating internal combustion engine termed the Fijalkowski engine, which may utilize a nano-magneto-rheological mechatronic commutator that may replace the crankshaft and connecting rod (conrod) mechanisms. This mechatronic commutator may let nano-magneto-rheological rotary ratchets oscillate in a controlled wobble while keeping the output shaft spinning smoothly; and although opposed pistons and opposed cylinders similar to those in automotive ‘boxer’ engines may power the Fijalkowski engine, it may also utilize opposed cylinders containing four pairs of two end-to-end opposed pistons for higher power densities. The nano-magneto-rheological mechatronic commutator may be utilized to convert between one form of mechanical motion that is linear, reciprocating motion of pistons and another — that is rotary motion of the output shaft.

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