This paper emphasizes on the effects of different biodiesels and diesel on; heat release, ignition delay, endothermic and exothermic reactions, NOx, fuel injection pressure due to the fuel’s modulus of elasticity and cylinder pressure. Two 100% biodiesel and its blends of 20% with of low sulfur #2 diesel, and #2 diesel are tested on a single cylinder diesel engine under full load condition. Engine performance and emissions data is obtained for 100% and 20% biodiesels blends and #2 diesel. Testes were conducted at Engine Systems Development Centre, Inc. (ESDC) to evaluate the effects of biodiesel and its blends on the performance and emissions of a single-cylinder medium-speed diesel engine. The main objective of this work was to gain initial information and experience about biodiesel for railway application based on which biodiesel and its blends could be recommended for further investigation on actual locomotives.

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