Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) is a mode of combustion in IC engines in which premixed fuel and air is ignited spontaneously. There is a belief that there is a great potential to improve fuel consumption and reduce NOx emissions using HCCI. In this study, a single zone, zero dimensional, thermo-kinetic model has been developed and a computer program with MATLAB software is used to predict engine performance characteristics. This model has been used to predict the principal parameters of controlling auto-ignition to acceptable level and this work leads to achieving the working region with two limitations for knock and misfire. The cycle is simulated with premixed blend of methane and DME with air. To highlight the importance of using HCCI engines instead of conventional diesel engines, an ISO continuous operation cycle (COP) and prime power cycle (PRP) has been investigated. Also NOx level are compared in a diesel engine working as a conventional diesel and in HCCI mode.

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