CFD Modeling of the injection, the mixing, the combustion and the emission formation processes in a high pressure direct injection (HPDI) natural gas engine is presented in this paper. KIVA3V was used together with an injector model. Two sub-models had been developed that the concurrent injection, ignition and combustion of natural gas and diesel could be simulated. The gas injection was simulated with the injector model. In the injector model, the electromagnetism, the hydraulics and the mechanics were computed by solving a set of ordinary differential equations. Based on the engine experimental data, a combustion model was built in which premixed combustion of natural gas was excluded and the natural gas ignition was initiated by the pilot diesel combustion rather than a spontaneous process. The model calibration and validation are discussed. The model parameters were tuned against one set of engine test data. For the model validation, 30 engine test data were applied. The data were from HPDI engine tests at varied engine speeds, loads and injection timings with and without EGR. The model gave good agreement with the engine tests having no EGR. However, the model, in general, under-predicted the burning rate. With EGR, the model prediction errors were large and the NOx were under-predicted, though the trends were still captured.

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