Pinus product (Turpentine) has been proposed as an alternate to petro fuels since the invention of S.I. engine. In general, due to higher volatility, turpentine has been used only in the S.I. engine. But the present work proves that based on the property of turpentine (Table – 1), it is a very good substitute for diesel fuel. The low cetane number of turpentine oil had prevented the use of 100% turpentine oil in diesel engine. The present work explores the performance, emission and combustion characteristics of turpentine diesel blends and its suitability with C.I. engine. The 20% turpentine 80% diesel blend has an equal combustion and performance characteristics with that of diesel fuel. The experimental results show that some of the toxic gases like CO, UBHC and soot are decreased compared to diesel baseline. In particular around 45% to 50% smoke reduction is obtained with higher turpentine blends. Also it proves that 20% addition of turpentine into conventional diesel fuel improve the performance, combustion, and emission to a considerable limit.

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