With increasingly stringent emissions regulations for NOx and the known tradeoff of fuel consumption with NOx, ensuring the use of appropriate correction factors becomes increasingly significant to the OEM and customer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has specified in 40CFR Part92 that locomotive engines shall use a NOx correction factor, KNOx = f(KH), where KH is the humidity correction factor. This paper will present an alternative NOx humidity correction factor for GE Rail 4-stroke medium speed diesel engines. GE Rail’s NOx humidity correction factor will be compared with five other correction factors in a numerical exercise to assess the sensitivity to variations in ambient temperature, ambient pressure, relative humidity and A:F ratio. GE Rail’s alternative correction factor provides a 25% reduction in Line Haul Duty Cycle BSNOx variation and a mean BSNOx reduction of 3% as compared with KNOx correction factor from Part92.

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