Nitrogen enrichment of intake air is proposed as an alternative to Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). Experimental results of nitrogen enriched combustion of a Kohler M12 engine (converted to operate with natural gas) are presented in this paper. A 70% reduction in NOx emissions was observed at full load (4 kW) and ignition timing (IT) equal to −20 ATDC with 2.1% NO2 enrichment (40 slpm). However, NOx reduction was minimal at lower loads. The effect of spark or ignition timing along with nitrogen enrichment is also reported for full load. It is recognized that advancing the ignition timing from conventional values has more advantages than retarding the same. A 68% reduction in NOx and a 0.8% drop in Fuel Conversion Efficiency (FCE) were observed at −30 ATDC ignition timing. However, the maximum ignition timing advance with stable engine operation was limited to −40 ATDC. Some of the drawbacks encountered were engine misfire at higher concentrations of nitrogen-rich air and retarded spark timing resulting in poor FCE.

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