This paper deals with Numerical Study of 4-stoke, Single cylinder, Spark Ignition, Extended Expansion Lean Burn Engine. Engine processes are simulated using thermodynamic and global modeling techniques. In the simulation study following process are considered compression, combustion, and expansion. Sub-models are used to include effect due to gas exchange process, heat transfer and friction. Wiebe heat release formula was used to predict the cylinder pressure, which was used to find out the indicated work done. The heat transfer from the cylinder, friction and pumping losses also were taken into account to predict the brake mean effective pressure, brake thermal efficiency and brake specific fuel consumption. Extended Expansion Engine operates on Otto-Atkinson cycle. Late Intake Valve Closure (LIVC) technique is used to control the load. The Atkinson cycle has lager expansion ratio than compression ratio. This is achieved by increasing the geometric compression ratio and employing LIVC. Simulation result shows that there is an increase in thermal efficiency up to a certain limit of intake valve closure timing. Optimum performance is attained at 90 deg intake valve closure (IVC) timing further delaying the intake valve closure reduces the engine performance.

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