Diesel engines are gaining importance in recent years because of its efficiency. But diesel particulates which are extremely small in size (0.1–1.0 micron) have raised lot of health and environmental problems. These particulates enter the human respiratory system during inhalation, which may cause lung cancer. Diesel particulates consist of two major components namely Insoluble Organic Fraction (IOF) comprised primarily of carbonaceous materials and a Soluble Organic Fraction (SOF) made up of hydrocarbon materials. An experimental investigation was conducted to study the performance of catalyst coated ceramic fiber filter (mullite) wound cartridge mounted in a canister on emission as well as performance. The canister was fabricated to accommodate one to three cartridges. It is seen that the catalyst coated ceramic fiber filter gives better reduction of particulate when compared to uncoated ceramic fiber filter and also gives lower smoke, higher bed temperature, lower pressure drop, lower specific fuel consumption and higher brake thermal efficiency.

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