A system for co-injecting mixtures of diesel fuel and water into a heavy-duty diesel engine has been developed and evaluated at the Southwest Research Institute. This system features prototype Lucas EUI injectors, full electronic control, and can vary the percentage of water in the mixture on a cycle-resolved basis. Tests of this system were conducted on a production Volvo D-12 engine, and have produced very encouraging results. Water-diesel co-injection yielded a considerable improvement in NOx-smoke and NOx-BSFC trade-offs under steady-state engine operation. In addition, control of the water percentage on a cycle-resolved basis was shown to be an effective method for mitigating NOx and smoke emissions over step-load transients. Results from this work show that a combination of aggressive EGR and diesel+water co-injection is very promising for producing very low levels of engine-out exhaust emissions, reducing the water storage requirements, and improving fuel efficiency. Further refinement of this injection technology is in progress.

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