Fierce competition, particularly in the market for medium-speed four-stroke diesel engines, requires the continuous technical development of the products available in that market. Alongside the continued pressure on reducing prices and demands for low fuel consumption rates without compromising power/bulk ratios and reliability, optimization work on medium-speed engines is increasingly also dominated by a tightening of emission regulations. Soot concentrations in the exhaust below the visibility level and constantly falling NOx exhaust concentrations place ever greater demands, particularly on the combustion process, supercharging and fuel injection systems. Recent years have seen extensive basic development work in this field using simulation calculations and tests on our 1L 32/40 research engine. This work produced an array of measures with which the trade-off between soot, NOx and specific fuel consumption can be effectively reduced. This paper discusses how these customer and market led measures are being implemented by our design engineers in our 32/40 and 48/60 engine types.

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