To achieve high power and high efficiency in a hydrogen fueled engine for all load conditions, the dual injection hydrogen fueled engine that can derive the advantage of both high efficiency from external mixture hydrogen engine and high power from direct cylinder injection hydrogen engine was introduced. For verifying the feasibility of the above engine, the high pressure hydrogen injector of ball valve type actuated by a solenoid was developed. A systematic experimental study was conducted by using a modified single cylinder dual injection hydrogen fueled engine which was equipped with both an intake injector and a high pressure in-cylinder injector. The results showed that (1) the developed high pressure hydrogen injector with a solenoid actuator had good gas-tightness and fine control performance, (2) the transient injection region, in which injection methods are changed from external fuel injection to direct-cylinder injection, ranged from 59 to 74 percent of the load, and (3) the dual injection hydrogen fueled engine had the maximum torque of direct-cylinder fuel injection and the maximum efficiency of external fuel mixture hydrogen engines.

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