The molded block fuel element (FE) also called monolith is a molded body, consisting of a substantially isotropic highly crystalline graphite matrix, fuel regions within the same matrix and cooling channels. The fuel regions contain the fuel in the form of coated particles which are well bonded to the remaining graphite matrix, so that both parts of the block form a monolithic structure. The monolith meets the requirements for the very high temperature reactors attaining helium outlet temperatures above 1000°C. To fabricate the molded blocks FE demonstration plant was erected and put into operation. The equipment worked without malfunction. The produced block FEs meet the specifications of GA machined block FEs. All specimens and block segments irradiated at temperature up to 1600°C and max. fast fluence E > 0, 1 MeV of 11×1021 n/cm2 show perfect behaviour without any damage.

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