This work presents a neutronic analysis of the core in the South African Fundamental Atomic Research Installation (SAFARI-1) for future Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) fuel irradiation experiments. Monte Carlo simulation of the core with and without the rig has been performed. The results show a negligibly small reactivity worth of the rig, which is expected, due to the small amount of heavy metal loading in the pebble and the low fuel enrichment. This effect will be further investigated when the rig is extended to include more than one fuel pebble. Results further show perturbations in the neutron and photon flux as well as the power distribution in core position B6. A 50% thermal neutron flux depression is observed in position B6 due to the insertion of the rig. A 60% increase in axial photon heating values is also observed in position B6. The neutron and photon flux and power distributions in the other incore irradiation positions (D6 and F6) are slightly affected by the insertion of this rig. Fluxes and power distributions in positions D6 and F6 will be studied in detail when they are loaded with isotope production rigs.

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