HTR projects have been launched within the European Union Framework Programmes (FP’s) to consolidate and advance HTR and VHTR technology within Europe. This paper reviews the main achievements arising out of the work in the area of materials and component development. The programme to date addresses material and qualification requirements for the reactor pressure vessel, high temperature resistant alloys and technological development aspects of the power circuit components, material property needs and issues for the graphite core and requirements for Codes and Standards. The experimental programme includes irradiation and feature testing, tests on reduced scale mock-ups and bearings, corrosion, modelling and analysis issues. For the 6th Framework activities which are current, the main European research focus on VHTR is through the RAPHAEL-IP. Results and main conclusions from the work are reported, also a summary of the status of the test work and recommendations for future actions. This programme of work provides important results for the International Generation IV VHTR Materials and Components Research and Development programme as part of the EURATOM contribution.

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