In the world now, several types of indirect system concept have been investigated for the High Temperature Gas cooled Reactor power plant (HTGR). From a point of optimization of HTGR, it is important to investigate and to compare their power conversion systems from a technical and an economical view point. In the first step of this study, an indirect steam cycle (ID-SC), an indirect gas turbine cycle (ID-GT), an indirect gas turbine combined cycle (ID-CCGT) and a direct gas turbine cycle (D-GT) has been chosen as the systems to be compared. The followings are chosen items for comparison analysis: a) Plant efficiency; b) Amount of commodities (which can estimate capital cost); c) Flexibility of reactor core design; d) Technical issues to be developed; e) Compatibility with hydrogen production system, etc. And for the second step, as the system optimization study among the selected system, sensitiveness to plant efficiency by changing the inlet and the outlet temperature of reactor core has been investigated from an economical and plant efficiency point of view.

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