In this article an advanced fuel cycle for pebble bed reactors is introduced that can safely and efficiently incinerate pure reactor-grade Pu [Pu(LWR)], thereby fulfilling the bulk of the GNEP waste incineration requirements. It is shown below that the very high fissile content of the Pu(LWR)-fuel enables it to convert practically all of the 240Pu to 241Pu and incinerate it. Since the fuel contains no 238U, no fresh 239Pu is produced. The 239Pu is reduced in-situ by 99.5% and the 240Pu by 97.6%. The only significant fissile isotope remaining is 241Pu, however, it will decay with a half life of 14.4 years to the fertile 241Am by β-decay.

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