Thermal spreading or constriction resistance plays an important role in thermal engineering problems. A numerical simulation is developed for transient constriction resistance considering various semi-infinite flux channel geometries, including circle on circle, circle on triangle, circle on square, circle on pentagon, and circle on hexagon. In this work, an isothermal circular heat source supplies heat in these polygonal flux channels. In this context, a finite volume method is considered to study the transient constriction resistance in mentioned geometries. After validating the steady-state mode for constant heat flux condition, the work is extended to study the transient heat conduction with constant temperature boundary condition. Observations of these various geometries clarify that similar results are produced for the non-dimensionalized constriction resistance and time. The appropriate characteristic length for this non-dimensionalization is the square root of the source area. Simple models are developed for predicting the transient spreading resistance for isothermal heat sources.

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