In the supercritical water (SCW)-particle two-phase flow of fluidized bed, the particles that make up the particle cluster interact with each other through fluid, and it will affect the flow and heat transfer. However, due to the complex properties of SCW, the research on particle cluster is lacking, especially in terms of heat transfer. This research takes two particles as an example to study the heat transfer characteristics between SCW and another particle when one particle exists. This research uses the distance and angle between the two particles as the influencing factors to study the average heat transfer rate and local heat transfer rate. In this research, it is found that the effect is obvious when L/D = 1.1. When L = 1.1D, the temperature field and the flow field will partially overlap. The overlap of the temperature field will weaken the heat transfer between SCW and the particle. The overlap of the flow field has an enhanced effect on the heat transfer between SCW and the particle. The heat transfer between SCW and particles is simultaneously affected by these two effects, especially local heat transfer rate. In addition, this research also found that as the SCW temperature decreases, the thermal conductivity and specific heat of SCW increases, which enhances the heat transfer between SCW and the particles. This research is of great significance for studying the heat transfer characteristics of SCW-particle two-phase flow in fluidized bed.

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