It is of both practical and scientific significance to study the temperature dependence of contact angles, towards development of surface wettability manipulation techniques for enhanced phase change heat transfer as well as the theoretical estimation of solid interfacial energy. However, the variations of surface wettability of a hydrophobic solid with altering temperature remain unclear. In this work, in situ characterizations of the contact angle of water on Teflon (PTFE) surfaces as well as the surface tension of water over a temperature spectrum from ∼25 °C to 160 °C at pressurized condition (2 MPa) were conducted by employing the sessile drop and pendant drop methods, respectively. A nearly invariant trend of the contact angle of water was observed over the entire temperature range. Moreover, it was shown that the surface tension of water linearly declines with raising the temperature. Based on the theory of surface thermodynamics, the effects of temperature on the contact angles were analyzed with the variations of interfacial tensions.

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