Single-phase and flow condensation experiments were performed using refrigerant R410A in the outer annular region of horizontal enhanced tube with different enhanced surfaces at a saturation temperature of 45°C in the range of mass flux 44.43–102.23kg/(m2s). The vapor quality ranges from 0.8 to 0.2. The outer diameters of the tubes are all 19.05mm, but the inner diameters are slightly different due to different surface structures. The surface structures of the three enhanced tubes are fins(EHT1 tube), toothed structures (EHT2 tube) and fine cavities(EHT3 tube) of different sizes and densities. Among them, the EHT3 tube has internal threads. Wilson diagram method was used to determine the enhancement ratio of the water side heat transfer coefficient of EHT3 tube. It was found that the pressure drop increased with the increase of mass flux, while the heat transfer coefficient showed different trends, and the smooth tube was always the lowest of the four tubes. A comprehensive evaluation factor α combining heat transfer enhancement factor (EF) and pressure drop penalty factor (PF) was defined, in which EHT2 tube (1.38–1.75) was the largest, with strong heat transfer capacity and small pressure drop, so the condensing heat transfer capacity of EHT2 tube was the best.

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