In order to study the optimization modes of smoke control in the case of fire in metro transfer channel, a full-scale numerical station model with a single transfer channel is established. In case of fire, the influencing of ceiling beam, vent size on smoke control effect are analyzed. The ceiling temperature profile, CO concentration, visibility and smoke layer height under different conditions were studied to evaluate the smoke control effect of transfer channel and station hall. Based on this, the optimization suggestions of ventilation and smoke exhaust system design and smoke control modes for transfer channel are put forward. The results show that, the ceiling beams can effectively delay the speed of smoke diffusion and gain time for personnel escape and emergency rescue. The vent size has a great influence on the ventilation and smoke exhaust effect under the condition of meeting the designed ventilation capacity. Among the three common vent sizes listed in this research, the smaller the size is, the better the smoke control effect is. The length and width of vent with best smoke control effect are 1.2 m and 0.8m respectively.

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