The effect of applied electric fields on the behavior of liquids and their interaction with solid surfaces has been a topic of active interest for many decades. This has important implications in phase change heat transfer processes such as evaporation, boiling, and condensation. Although the effect of low to moderate voltages has been studied, there is a need to explore the interaction of high electric fields with liquid drops and bubbles, and their effect on heat transfer and phase change. In this study, we employ a high speed optical camera to study the dynamics of a liquid drop impacting a hot substrate under the application of high electric fields. Experimental results indicate a significant change in the pre- and post-impact behavior of the drop. Prior to impact, the applied electric field elongates the drop in the direction of the electric field. Post-impact, the recoil phase of the drop is significantly affected by charging effects. Further, a significant amount of micro-droplet ejection is observed with an increase in the applied voltage.

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