This work aims to study the effects of the net-type spacer on the performance of direct contact membrane distillation (DCMD) modules. Laminar and k-ω SST turbulence models are used to conduct simulations in three-dimensional modules with and without spacers. The spacers are placed in the middle of the feed and permeate channel. The net type spacers of diameter 0.25h and 0.5h were considered, where h is the height of each channel. The inlet temperature of the feed and the permeate channel set to 353 K and 293 K. The feed Reynolds number is varied (500, 1500) while the permeate Reynolds number is fixed at 330. We revealed that the presence of spacer in the flow channels mitigates both the temperature and the concentration polarization and yields higher vapor permeation. We also showed that the module containing larger size spacers yields better flux performance and lower level of temperature and concentration polarization. Moreover, the modules containing spacers become more efficient as the feed flow rate is increased.

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