With the recent developments in miniaturization techniques of electronic chips, the power density of these chips has risen drastically. Available thermal management technologies like air cooled heat sink and liquid cooled heat sink are unable to keep up with the demand. However, thermal management technologies using flow boiling in microchannel heat sink can dissipate higher heat fluxes. Flow boiling technologies in micro channel heat sinks are not commercially established due to issues such as reliability, flow reversal, dry out, critical heat flux, limited knowledge of bubble dynamics, correlations, etc. In this study, performance of flow boiling in a diverging microchannel with uniform heat flux condition has been investigated. Simulations have been performed on ANSYS Fluent using Volume of Fluid (VOF). VOF is used to track the interface between different phases. The impact of angle on the bubble dynamics of the coolant and flow patterns has been studied. The simulated numerical results are compiled and presented. The results provide a clear understanding of the impact of angle on the bubble dynamics in flow boiling microchannel heat sink.

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