Critical heat flux (CHF) of convective boiling in a mini-tube due to power transient was measured. A platinum tube with an inner diameter of 1.0 mm was heated exponentially by a direct current power supply as Joule heating. The heated length of the platinum tube was 40.9 mm. The platinum tube was mounted vertically in the water-loop apparatus which consisted of a circulating pump, a pre-heater, a flow mater, a pressurizer, a cooler and a test section. The deionized water was pressurized by the pressurizer up to approximately 800 kPa to measure CHFs at the high subcooling. The upward flow velocity in the platinum tube was ranged from 5 to 11 m/s. The inlet subcooling was ranged from 92 to 117 K. The heat generation rate was controlled with exponential functions. The e-folding time of the heat generation rate was ranged from 30 ms to 18 s. As an experimental result, it was found that the CHFs increased with increasing the flow velocity and the inlet subcooling. The CHF also increased with decreasing the e-folding time of the heat generation rate. Since the heat generation rate of the platinum tube increased rapidly under the power transient condition, it was considered that the heat flux of the platinum tube increased until the vapor blanket covered the heated surface of the platinum tube.

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