In this paper a numerical and experimental investigation on impinging jets with metal foam is carried out. The channel is partially filled with porous media. The physical model and geometry has been made considering that the lower impinging surface is heated at uniform heat flux, qw, and the upper surface is adiabatic. The flow is 2D, unsteady, laminar, and incompressible. The distance between the upper confining surface and the lower heated surface is H (40 mm). Fully developed fluid dynamic and thermal flow is assumed at the outlet sections and the fluid is air. The porous material is considered as homogeneous and isotropic. All the thermophysical properties of the fluid and the solid matrix of the porous medium are assumed constant except for the variation in density with the temperature giving rise to the buoyancy forces. Metal foam of 10 PPI is considered. It was investigated many configuration taking into account the ratio s/H and Dj/H. The values of ratio s/H ranging from 0 to 1 while values of the ratio Dj/H raging from 0.3–1.2. Results in terms of wall temperature profiles, local and average Nusselt numbers are presented for different Reynolds values. For the considered parameters, it is obtained that Nusselt number has a weak dependence of Dj/H, in fact, for the ratio equal to 0.3, it is noted that Nu is higher than the ratio equal to 0.6.

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