Fabrication of micro and nanoscale electronic components has become increasingly demanding due to device and interconnect scaling combined with advanced packaging and assembly for electronic, aerospace and medical applications. Recent advances in additive manufacturing have made it possible to fabricate microscale, 3D interconnect structures but heat transfer during the fabrication process is one of the most important phenomena influencing the reliable manufacturing of these interconnect structures. In this study, optical absorption and scattering by three-dimensional (3D) nanoparticle packings are investigated to gain insight into micro/nano heat transport within the nanoparticles. Because drying of colloidal solutions creates different configurations of nanoparticles, the plasmonic coupling in three different copper nanoparticle packing configurations were investigated: simple cubic (SC), face-centered cubic (FCC) and hexagonal close packing (HCP). Single-scatter albedo (ω) was analyzed as a function of nanoparticle size, packing density, and configuration to assess effect for thermo-optical properties and plasmonic coupling of the Cu nanoparticles within the nanoparticle packings. This analysis provides insight into plasmonically enhanced absorption in copper nanoparticle particles and its consequences for laser heating of nanoparticle assemblies.

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