This study presents a transient three-dimensional numerical study on fluid flow and heat transfer of flat-tube array using large eddy simulation (LES) covering both laminar and turbulent flow regimes. The simulations were performed in a rectangular region containing only one tube with periodic conditions specified on all boundaries. A staggered flat-plate array was first studied, and an existing solution was used for validation purpose. The numerical models were then applied to an in-line array composed of flat tubes with an aspect ratio of 0.25 and fixed tube spacings. By varying the in-flow velocity, the tube array was studied over a wide range of Reynolds number (600–12000). Temperature, velocity, and turbulent kinetic energy distributions as well as the interactions between them are presented and analyzed. Furthermore, the local heat transfer rate was analyzed along the various parts of the tube (leading edge, flat-top and wake or trailing-edge regions). Heat transfer correlation for each region of the tube and the entire tube array is proposed.

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