Generally, a part of transporting liquids are used as the coolant to chill down the transfer line. Minimizing the line chill-down time and the consumption of the cryogenic propellant during the line chill-down is a mainly concerned issue. In this study, the cryogenic line chill-down experiments are conducted on a 12.7 mm outer diameter, 1.25 mm wall thickness and 7 m long stainless steel horizontal pipe with liquid nitrogen (LN2) injection. The pipe is vacuum jacketed to reduce the heat inleak from room temperature to the cryogenic liquid. The temperature and the pressure profiles of the chill-down line are obtained at the location 6 meters away from the pipe inlet under various mass flow rates. The history of the transient temperature, the pressure and the mass flow rate during the line chill-down process are monitored for various cases. The relationship between the line chill-down time and the mass flow rate is analyzed and presented for one representative pipe line geometry.

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